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Online Training with The Mum Gym came about in response to lockdown 1.0 in March 2020. We provided free zoom classes each week for the duration of the lockdown. They were so successful that mums requested we keep them up after the initial lockdown. Our online classes are suitable for all mums (apart from pregnant mums) at any stage of motherhood, so whether your baby is 3 months, 3 years, 13 or 30 these classes are suitable. The online membership  consists of both live group classes and also recorded videos to work alongside when suits you.

You will be given a workout plan at the start of every month, it will consist of 3 workouts which will be performed each week. There will be a video to go alongside these, however you may not always need it. There will also be a live group class each week. This should be seen as an extra bonus workout should you have the time or fancy a little extra. Recordings for these will be available. At the start of each month you will be provided with a new plan.

As busy mums it’s not always easy to commit to certain times and definitely not easy to set aside much time each week for our own needs. But we should, as it will make us a happier and healthier person and mum.

We aim to have our workouts quick but effective so it doesn’t seem like a daunting task that we keep putting off.  But feel free to break the workout down if you need too. Maybe get 2 sets done in the morning and the 3rd done sometime during the day. I would say if you can do it altogether do, but children don’t always allow us this luxury, so do what you can when you can. Staying consistent is the main objective and this is when you will see results and get closer to your goals. 

What to bring

  • a long resistance band,
  • two weights (these can be homemade)
  • stick such as a broomstick from your sweeping brush!
  • Water