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Our Focus

The Mum Gym is your one stop shop for fitness both before and after having a baby. We pride ourselves on being experts in pre and post natal exercise. Every pregnancy and delivery takes it’s toll on a women body and it is important to help retrain the body correctly. Unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information out there with regards to staying fit throughout and after pregnancy. The Mum Gym specialises in provide evidence based exercise techniques and knowledge to Mums and Mums-to-be.
Our classes focus on restoring mums core and pelvic floor while also giving mum a full body workout. The best bit is you can bring baby with you! No Babysitter required!

About Steph

I am a mum of three boys, who was a member of the crazy three under three club, I know only too well how pregnancy, delivery and being a new mum can impact your body.
Having suffered from very painful pelvic girdle pain and coccyx pain throughout my second pregnancy, only a couple of months after my first baby was born, I lost a lot of strength and muscle tone. I didn’t feel prepared for delivery. I felt weak and in pain. I had looked for a personal trainer to work with but everyone said “come back after baby is born and you are better”. I knew there had to be a way to stay active despite the pain and to be able to feel strong throughout my pregnancy and in preparation for delivery. So when my second little boy was born I set out on a mission to educate myself on pre and post natal exercise and to provide this knowledge to as many mums as possible.
On my third pregnancy, the pelvic girdle pain and coccyx pain returned with a vengeance and this time it set it at 11 weeks. However, I was prepared. I had the knowledge to get through this. I knew now what to do and what not to do. I certainly wouldn’t say I was pain free but I was able to managed it a lot better this time, stay active, teach classes up to 38 weeks and was strong and ready going in for my delivery.
Being a mum is hard work, feeling strong within is vital.


After studying my general Personal Training course I did extensive research into becoming a pre and post natal coach. My personal training course had barely touched on pre and post natal training, yet the reality was I was now technically qualified to train this group of women. In Ireland the only additional courses available are one or two day add on classes. I felt this was just not enough. Throughout pregnancy and delivery a women’s body undergoes immense change and trauma. Proper rehab and repair work is required to help a mums body heal correctly. In order to be able to provide the best care and service to the mums I work with I looked further a field and came across The Girls Gone Strong Movement.

This is a fantastic organisation dedicated to providing up to date, first class, evidence based information in relation to women’s health and fitness. I signed up to become a certified pre and post natal coach through them and knew I am was in the great position to provide proper, effective training to the mums who come to me. From here I started my classes and got hooked on continuously learning and updating my knowledge.
I have since completed serval other courses, namely
The Female Athlete (Anthony Lo, Sydney)
Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, PCES. (Dr Sarah Duvall, Canada)
Menopause and the 3rd Age (Jenny Burrell, London)
Stick Mobility (London)
Precision Nutrition level 1 (United States)
I am also currently studying a sports science and therapy degree and macnutrition…. While also juggling my three little monkeys…. 😉