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Meet other Mums and Mums-to-be and workout safely. Every woman is different and every birth has a different impact on mums body. This class is designed to work closely with new mums to ensure a correct and safe recovery and also with mums-to-be to help them keep fit safely throughout their pregnancy. Classes are adapted depending on your needs. The aim of this class is to help strengthen the body in preparation for birth and/or help the body recover after delivery. Download Pregnancy Questionnaire


Postural Alignment and Fitness Ireland, Sinnottstown Business Park, Drinagh





What to bring

  • Exercise/Gym Ball
**This is an adults only class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nearly Always!
There are however times when you should not partake in prenatal exercise or stop partaking:
If you doctor advises against it
You are experiencing vaginal bleeding
Amniotic fluid leakage
Shortness of breathe before exertion
Chest Pain
Muscle weakness affecting balance
Calf pain or swelling.
However, if you are not experiencing any of the above and are feeling fit and well there are many benefits to exercising while pregnant:
Prevents excessive weight gain during pregnancy
Reducing risk of gestational diabetes
Decreases risk of high blood pressure associated with pregnancy (preeclampsia)
Decreases postpartum recovery time
Decreases risk of low back pain
Decreases severity of low back pain
Decreases risk of urinary incontinence
Prevents/improves symptoms of depression
Maintains physical fitness
Prevents postpartum weight retention
May reduce the risk of cesarean section.
It is important that pregnant women modify their training appropriately depending on the stage of pregnancy they are at and how they are feeling.
Yes! You certainly can, however it is important to start slowly and be monitor by a qualified professional.