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This class is suitable for new mums and focuses on repairing and restoring the core and pelvic floor muscles while also getting a full body workout. We focus on helping any abdominal separation, incontinence, prolapse etc. While also teaching mum techniques to help with the day to day duties of being mum! Download Post Natal Questionnaire
This class is for mums who have completed at least one 6 week term of Mum & Baby Chapter 1. When mum feels up to moving to the next level, Chapter 2 is there to give a more intensive workout, while always keeping an eye out for any signs that the body may not be ready just yet. Exercises are progressed in a safe and supervised way to ensure correct technique and form.
Babies are always welcome to help mum out!


Ferrycarrig Active Studio





What to bring

  • Baby Bag and supplies
  • Water
  • Baby…… although mums are free to come alone too.
  • Small change – most mums stay a bit longer after class to enjoy a coffee and a chat downstairs in the coffee dock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from the usual benefits of exercising, there are many other benefits to exercising post partum.
Positive effect on well being and symptoms of depression.
Reduced rates of post natal anxiety and depression
Improved mood and body image
Increased cardiovascular health
May reduce body fat and improve basal metabolic rate
May improve bone mineral density
May improve rate and severity of post natal depression
Help form good, healthy habits in front of children.
Whether it is your first or fourth baby the post partum period in a woman’s life is a very special time. They have grown and delivered a new life into the world. With this comes a lot of extra pressures. A woman’s body has gone through tremendous change and pressure throughout pregnancy and delivery. They deserve to receive the best information and learn the correct techniques to help them repair and recover correctly. This is what The Mum Gym provides. Our passion is in pre and post natal fitness and that is what we concentrate on! Nothing else! We keep up to date wit the latest research to ensure our classes are current and providing the best resources available.
Having a baby is a huge change in a woman’s life. Not only are we on a mission to educate and provide health and fitness information to new mums but we want to make a social network too. Our classes are a fantastic way to meet other mums at the same stage of life as you. Most of the mums who come to class spend longer chatting over a tea or coffee in the coffee dock after class.
Thats up to mum or baby. Some babies like to stay in their car seats, some like to sprawl out on a mat and either stare up at mum or have a snooze. Some like to sit up and have a nose around. Feel free to bring any toys, blankets, baby seats etc with you if you like.
Please note the gym studio is Ferrycarrig is not buggy friendly as there is a stairs up to the room but no lift.
All babies cry! They also scream, puke and poop. Basically they are unpredictable and they call the shots. We are all mums in the room an nobody is going to mind, in fact you can be guaranteed a few helping hands. Steph is always willing to hold a baby if it means they will be happy and allow mum to continue her workout.